As most of you know, we have cats at our shop.

✨ There’s Mickey, Morse, and Effie. ✨

They all love attention and belly rubs.

But as some of you have noticed… There’s a face missing from our front window, Effie’s.

Effie would greet you and sit on the counter whilst you were checking out and attempt to hop in your bag. haha. She’s been her since she was a kitten.

In the past few months, well years actually, a friend would come and visit her multiple times and day. Effie loves this human.❤️ So, we allowed Effie to go home with her. Effie hasn’t been this happy in a while. Every day is an adventure. Chasing mice, getting all of the pets, and all the dry food she desires. 😉

We still have Mickey and Morse for your daily dose of Kitty Hugs.7_2_17_17

Morse has blossomed SO MUCH since Effie found her forever home. He’s playing, interacting with new people, and has become a lap cat.

We invite you to come out tomorrow, Friday, July 21st for The Sips & Bits Stroll, enjoy some sips, some bits, and our lovely fur children!


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